Didactic Program


The didactic curriculum provides residents with the knowledge necessary to serve as a perioperative consultant anesthesiologist. Residents will apply the information presented in the didactic sessions to their clinical practice and develop an understanding of the science of anesthesiology.


The curriculum includes both basic sciences and clinical components and is structured to comprise one full academic year, beginning in July and concluding the following June. Attendance is mandatory for residents who are not on leave, and a satisfactory attendance record is defined as attending 80% or more of the lectures and conferences. Residents will be relieved of clinical duties to attend.


Generally, these meetings are held on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Anesthesia Library. The time frame indicated below is a guideline for the instructor and may be varied as deemed necessary.


Lecture by Residents: For approximately one hour, a lecture is given based on a chapter of the core textbook, Clinical Anesthesiology, 4th edition. This core lecture series reviews the breadth of basic concepts of anesthesia practice and repeats on an eighteen month cycle.


Advanced Anesthesia Topics: Subspecialists of anesthesiology lead a one hour discussion in their respective fields of interest. All subspecialties of anesthesia are covered in a 12 month repeating cycle.


Resident ABA Keyword Review: Four sample American Board of Anesthesiology key words will be presented to the residents. These keywords provide a forum for discussion and as a mechanism of individual assessment, study, and review. These keywords are comprehensively reviewed to promote an appreciation of the fund of knowledge required for successful performance on certifying examinations.





Weekly and Monthly conferences, meetings, seminars, and rounds are designated for a variety of topics throughout the year and include Grand Rounds, Visiting Professorships, Morbidity and Mortality presentations, Journal Club, Mock Oral Examinations, Case Conferences, and various other forums for the presentation of selected topics.





  • Departmental Grand Rounds Grand rounds will be held monthly on specified Friday mornings at 6:45 a.m. in the Anesthesia Library and will consist of formal resident presentations or guest speakers. Subject matter for grand rounds varies, but may include basic sciences, research, clinical anesthesia, case presentations, education or other topics. Each CA-3 resident will give a grand rounds presentation in their final year. The goal of these and other oral presentations is to develop the communicative skills necessary as a consultant anesthesiologist and for successful completion of the ABA oral board process. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Problem-Based Learning Sessions Two to three problem-based learning sessions will be presented each month on specified Friday mornings at 6:30 a.m. A team of facilitators consisting of a resident and a faculty member will host these sessions. This facilitating team will present an assigned clinical scenario and lead a discussion of the relevant perioperative issues regarding the care of a particular fictional patient.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference Monthly morbidity and mortality intradepartmental conferences provide an additional opportunity for resident participation in critical evaluation of patient care. At these conferences, residents and staff introduce patient care occurrences for discussion regarding patient management. Staff anesthesiologists serve as moderators of these discussions, occasionally interjecting their own comments.



Journal Club: In addition to the above curriculum, the department will have a monthly Journal Club led by various faculty members, in which residents and staff will present interesting and relevant articles selected by staff members and residents. This will not only encourage the residents to follow peer-reviewed journals but will also help them develop skills necessary to read such material critically.


Resident Mock Oral Examinations: Mock oral exams will be held monthly and are designed to prepare the residents for successful completion of the American Board of Anesthesiology certification process.


Practice Management Conference: Faculty from our practice management fellowship as well as members of the faculty of the Freeman School of Business and the Tulane School of Public Health lead discussions of a wide range of topics. The goal of this conference series is to arm our residents with many of the requisite tools required for success in the business of medicine.


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