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Tulane’s Department of Anesthesiology, in its commitment to strengthen interdepartmental bonds and the Tulane community as a whole, has begun a joint effort with the A.B. Freeman School of Business to introduce the opportunity of acquiring a Masters in Business Administration during residency training, the first program of its kind in the country. Designed by coordinated effort between the Program Director of the Department of Anesthesiology and the Curriculum Committee for the School of Business, the Professional MBA program is open to residents in good academic and clinical standing. The application process begins in the residents' first year, with the MBA program itself beginning January of the CA-1 year and finishing by the end of the CA-3 year.


In addition, the Dean of the A.B Freeman School of Business,Ira Solomon, once again awarded the Department of Anesthesiology a full scholarship for the Professional MBA program. This scholarship is presented to the most deserving anesthesia resident after an interview process with both the Department of Anesthesiology and the School of Business.


It is the intent of Tulane’s Department of Anesthesiology to be a national leader in the development of Practice Management Education for anesthesia residents, and, to that end, we are proud to offer this groundbreaking educational opportunity.


David Hirsch, MDTestimonial: David Hirsch M.D.


Being a CA-3 and in the Professional MBA Program at Tulane is great. Our program is small and the residents are a tight knit group so the final year of residency is an important one. With most of the core rotations out of the way, CA3 year allows the residents to choose their own curriculum. With options such as pain management both in the private practice and VA, advanced pediatrics and Trauma, there are options for all residents no matter their career path. However, most CA-3's enjoy their month paired with a CA-1 the most. In July, each CA-1 is paired with an upper level resident for a week at a time. They arrive together, set up the room together and even eat together, giving the CA-1 residents a chance to settle in the Operating room at a nice steady pace. Each week, the upper level resident, grants the lower level more autonomy until at the end of the month, they are able to manage the OR on their own.


In many programs, the CA-3 and CA-1 relationship ends in August. However, one thing I have always loved at Tulane is this relationship continues indefinitely. Lower levels continue to ask the upper levels how to set up certain cases, staff likes and dislikes or even where to go to dinner on a Friday night as the year progresses. This mentoring thankfully lasts even after many of us have moved on from residency. For instance, I recently called the CA-3 I was orignally paired up with on advice in pursuing jobs and discussing contracts. On the other end, one of the current CA-1's had no problem calling me when he was in the SICU to ask my advice on a current patient at 11pm (knowing I was up watching the Rockets game.) The thing that drew me to Tulane initially was this great relationship between all residents and the lack of class boundaries between the residents.


One other great aspect of residency at Tulane is the opportunity to complete an MBA during residency. No extra time is added on to the residency and each year a full scholarship is awarded to one CA-1 resident. Beginning in the spring of the CA-1 year and continuing until residency graduation, this resident pursues a MBA by completing night classes over this two and a half year period. Call is worked around these classes, usually occuring Monday and Wednesday night 630-915, with no decrease in work hours or case logs from peer residents. While sometimes difficult to manage, this teaches the resident important management skills which are becoming increasingly important in the anesthesia realm. Whether it is running the OR board or managing operating room relationships, this degree has already proven extremely valuable.

Between control of the curriculum, mentoring lower level residents and finishing my MBA, CA-3 year has been extremely rewarding and absolutely prepared me for the next step in my career.

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