Medical Student Clerkship


We encourage local and visiting medical students to apply for a rotation in anesthesiology at the Tulane University Medical Center.


Third and fourth year medical students typically take either a four-week, rotation for a class grade or a two-week, pass-fail rotation. These typically include daily teaching conferences with faculty or residents; clinical observation and hands-on training in the operating room; optional transplant and heart call duty; and a self-study, problem-solving written test. There is also opportunity to participate in prearranged clinical research, and shorter or longer term rotation requests will be considered.


First and second year medical students may also arrange a rotation during their elective time. This usually consists of observation in the operating room, with an anesthesiology resident or attending supervising. Typically, on weekdays, students arrive in the operating room area by 06:45 and then leave to attend 08:30 classes. However, other times can be arranged. A mannequin intubation, an I.V. start, or other task trainer class may also be arranged.


To set up a Medical Student rotation please call the Tulane School of Medicine Student Affairs Office at 504-988-7423 or contact Allys Dierker by email;


Tulane students can also use the Tulane SOM TMedWeb site to obtain information regarding this anesthesia elective: TMedWeb T3/T4 page and click Anesthesiology: Anesthesiology Student Clerkship guide.


All medical students interested in the field of Anesthesiology are strongly encouraged to join the American Society of Anesthesiologists Medical Student Component. The membership is only $10.


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