Mission Statement


The Department's mission supports that of the Hospital, Medical School and University and, therefore, encompasses education and research as well as patient care and administration.


The standard for the department is excellence, and is expected in:


  1. Clinical Care: Excellent Patient Care – Deliver humane, state of the art care in all aspects of perioperative medicine. Patient safety will always be our primary goal.
  2. Education: To promote high quality education of residents, medical students, faculty, healthcare providers and community members in an environment of innovation and scholarship.
  3. Research: To foster an environment that supports relevant cutting-edge research leading to the advancement of our department, our specialty and society.
  4. Leadership: To actively participate in the administrative responsibilities and the committees of our medical center and to actively promote leadership development within the department through education and mentorship.
  5. Quality of Life: To have a high regard for work/life balance.


To achieve excellence in all areas of our department, to promote a collegial cohesive work environment. Additionally, as members of the department will strive to develop interpersonal relationships that promote an environment that fosters creativity, inquiry, and study. Our goal is to provide the best possible patient care in a collegial cohesive work environment that is committed to enhancing the quality of life of both our patients and members of our department.


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