Perioperative Management Fellowship


Anesthesiology Perioperative Management Fellowship


The practice of anesthesiology has evolved dramatically in the past twenty years and is now influenced by a vast array of factors, both medical and administrative. Because of this, knowledge of hospital economics and administration, operating room mechanics and metrics, human resources, financial planning, governmental policy and procedure, and clinical perioperative management is necessary for success.



Perioperative Management Fellow


The interest in practice management among anesthesiologists has been growing over the last several years, as evidenced by the increase in attendance and size of the annual ASA Practice Management conference. Tulane’s program is now one of less than ten residency programs with a formal Perioperative Management Fellowship.


Perioperative Management has many disciplines, and this fellowship focuses on developing strong leadership skills and understanding operating room metrics, scheduling, staffing, compensation, quality improvement, regulatory guidelines, and billing and coding.


The curriculum up to this point has not been rigid or pre-designed, but rather very flexible and full of opportunities through various partnerships with the School of Public Health, the School of Business, and Team Health, one of the nation’s largest providers of hospital-based clinical outsourcing. The fellowship is approximately half clinical and half non-clinical.


On clinical days, the fellow is expected to staff the operating room, supervising both CRNAs and residents. The fellow also works closely with Dr. Gomez, the Clinical Director of the Operating Room, to learn how to efficiently manage the OR and make decisions on the day of surgery (aka “running the board”).


On non-clinical days, the fellow is expected to attend and contribute to OR Committee meetings, participate in at least one major research project involving practice management, and give a series of lectures to the residents. Fellows are enrolled in the School of Public Health and take several classes pertaining to practice management (i.e., Health Systems Management, Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Behavioral Management, etc). Fellows may also attend an intense 4-day Operations Management Course at the University of Iowa, taught by one of the nation’s leading experts in operating room science, Franklin Dexter, M.D., Ph.D..



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