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Research Fellowship Program


The practice of Anesthesiology has improved beyond recognition over the past few decades. An important contribution and primary reason improvements in the practice of anesthesia has been through clinical research.


When clinical research has been applied in clinical practice to provide answers to important questions relevant to our routine practice of anesthesia, as well as, to provide the evidence necessary to justify the practice.


The Research Fellowship Program was designed to support and blend medical and research skills and expand educational opportunities that will further career development for anesthesiologists.





My Research Fellowship Experience…


I’m Dr. Lisa Sangkum, an Anesthesiologist from Ramathibodi hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. It’s my great honor to write about my experience as an international research fellowship of Anesthesiology Department, Tulane hospital.


First, I would say that it’s my great pleasure to be here at Tulane hospital. Two years as a research fellowship, I gain a lot of knowledge, skills as well as decision making process in my research career.


I’m so happy to be part of our research team. I gain a lot more than I thought and also bring a great friendship back home. Dr. Marcia Henry is a research coordinator of our department and it’s my great pleasure to working with her every single day. She is extremely kind, professional and always encourages me on my research career, our office with full of laughter and happiness because of her.


Our Department also has a vast of experience and knowledgeable faculty in various fields. It’s also my great honor to meet and work with the anesthesiologists, Dr. Henry Liu, Dr. Lihua Zhang and Dr. Sabrina Bent. They all gave me an advice, opportunity, as well as, support me all path of my training period. Also, our department has collaborative studies with Departments of Cardiology, Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, which lead me to a great opportunity to study, research and present all my work. I developed a research project with Dr. Supat Thammasitboon in the Department of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine which I presented at the Southern Sleep Society Annual Meeting, 2015 in New Orleans, LA. I received a Founders’ Award from Southern Sleep meeting.


Last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for all the support. I appreciated this opportunity so much and was proud to be part of Tulane Anesthesiology Department.


Lisa Sangkum, M.D..


My Research project


I had a great opportunity to do a collaborated study with department of pulmonary critical care, sleep medicine, Tulane Medical Center. The title of my study was “Applying body type to the STOP-BANG questionnaire predict the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity” . OSA is a common disorder that can be estimated up to 24% of the general population and it has been well known that OSA increases perioperative and postoperative complications. As the result, it’s crucial to identify OSA patient and giving proper treatment prior to the surgery.


STOP-BANG is a well validate screening tool for OSA. However, it also has a high false positive rate, as it’s a very sensitive screening test. Therefore, we created this study to determine whether adding body type to the STOP-BANG questionnaire improves the test precision. The result showed that apply body type to the STOP-BANG questionnaire helps to identify moderate-severe OSA patient.


This study would be applicable to Anesthesiology, especially in the preoperative setting. Our results show that Sleep Apnea considerations may help to stratify those patients who require comprehensive care or raise anesthesiologist concern to prevent the complications, such as difficult airway problem, arrhythmia, or hypoxia during the post-operative period.





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